Summary Overview

A previous version of this application was refused by the Council in September 2014, albeit by a small margin. The refusal was based on the impact of the building on the Borough's strategic open space and Conservation area.

Our Trustees remain convinced that the Society's proposals will benefit the Ewell community and have worked hard to clarify the urgency of the local needs for such facilities and the non-availability of suitable alternative sites. We have also sought professional advice to demonstrate how our proposals will enhance, rather than detract from the appearance of the Conservation Area.

Full copies of the two professional reports by Jones Lang Lasalle (re the demographic need and the absence of any alternative sites) are available on this website should you be interested, A copy of the report by Heritage Collective regarding the impact on the Conservation Area is also available.

In addition to these studies, we have also

  • made significant changes to the design and positioning of the new buildings
  • formulated firm offers that guarantee that the new sports field will be available for the local community in perpetuity, and
  • confirmed that 23 of our new apartments will be available, on affordable terms, for council nominees

As part of our work to address the concerns raised by councillors, we have made changes to the building and its positioning and landscaping within the site, which have

  • softened and reduced its impact on the very few and limited public views of the building;
  • enhanced the positive impact of the facilities on the appearance of the Conservation Area, and
  • reduced significantly some of the key size parameters of the building and the site (excluding woodland and embankment areas), including
  Original Proposals Revised Proposals Difference Percentage
Height 13.5m (to ridge) 9.2m (to flat roof) -4.3m -31%
Gross External Volume 25,766 m3 19,288 m3 -6478m3 -25%

Significant issues regarding the reduction in area available for sporting facilities, the impact of the proposed development on traffic congestion an traffic in and around Old Schools Lane, and the impact on the environment, were all dealt with in our 2014 application. Summaries of the relevant analysis, together with supporting reports are available elsewhere on this website.