The main vehicular and pedestrian access to the site will continue to be from Old Schools Lane.

Independent assessments have shown that Extra Care and similar communities produce less traffic than housing developments and that the peak hour trips do not coincide with the rush hour peaks.

The existing site has planning permission for all of its area to be used for sporting purposes. There are no conditions associated with this permission to control the impact of sport on local traffic levels and behaviours. The level of traffic generated by the new sports facility will be unlikely to exceed the maximum levels possible from the existing larger field. They will however be subject to the traffic related developments and controls that will be established under the terms of the related planning consent.

These are expected to include:

  • The existing site entrance being moved by approximately 7 metres to create a much safer entrance to the site
  • Parking spaces will be provided both for residents living in the Extra Care facility and their visitors as well as for the sports club. There will be 71 parking spaces available in total. The council have said previously that the parking on offer meets the Council's standards and it will be more than has previously been on offer for the playing fields.
  • A Travel Plan with measures to maximize the use of non-car modes and convene a regular meeting for traffic aspects to be monitored during the operation of the site.

Although some residents will use their own cars, experience from other Abbeyfield facilities shows that the majority of residents prefer to use local transport connections, such as footpaths, trains and buses.

Surrey County Council as highway authority has previously agreed that works to be undertaken to the public highway to slow vehicles and provide protection to pedestrians by means of a raised table with bollards will be acceptable mitigation.