Abbeyfield will create a beautiful and green facility by using the conclusions from sound environmental, biodiversity and ecological studies to inform its proposals.

  • The perimeter woodland and tree lined margins will be retained and managed as necessary. Of 83 trees only 5 will need to be removed Extensive new tree planting proposals will replace those lost and will augment the present number of trees. The plan includes appropriate landscaping with tree and shrub buffers minimizing the impact of the building on key viewing areas. The planned garden areas will provide an attractive environment for our residents.
  • Since the 2014 application, the Extra Care building footprint has been reduced and shifted further into the corner of the site, thereby reducing the land-take from the overall playing fields area. There has also been a significant reduction in the scale and massing of the building, with a corresponding reduction in its impact at the periphery of the Conservation Area.
  • The Extra Care proposals will meet or exceed all relevant policies in the provision of a resource efficient, sustainable, multi- residential development. The adoption of a centralised Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system will result in a positive improvement in Dwelling Emissions rate.
  • The character and appearance of the Conservation Area has been assessed by a Heritage expert. The site is set within an area where modern development has been allowed and suggested for removal from the Conservation Area. The proposed development will not impact any of the identified key views.
  • Various surveys have been undertaken of the site's ecology, history and conservation setting. These include Topographical, Arboricultural, Ecology, Archaeological, Environmental, and Heritage surveys.